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Black River Hospital Receives Major Donation Valued at US$350,000

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The Black River Hospital (BRH) in St. Elizabeth has received a donation of  medical equipment and supplies valued at US$350,000, made possible  through a partnership between Javion Blake, founder of Jus Chill  International and Project C.UR.E., a non-profit organization with focus on  global health aid. This donation marks the beginning of a four-year partnership with the hospital.  

Junior Resident at the Black River Hospital (BRH), Dr. Richard Johnson (3rd left) accepts the donation from Project C.U.R.E from Senior Medical Officer at the BRH, Dr. Sheriff Imoru (right). Participating in the picture also are: Consultant Paediatrician for the BRH, Dr Aggrey Sajabi (left); BRH Director of Nursing Services, Maria Stampp (2nd left); Parish Manager for the St. Elizabeth Health Services; Sean Brissett (3rd right) and CEO for the BRH, Diana Brown-Miller.

The donation includes: a laparoscopic machine and supplies; an  anaesthetic machine and monitor, a colposcope, a defibrillator and  supplies, an autoclave machine, a pulse oximeter, nebulizers,  sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, thermometers, patient beds, a  stretcher, an adult scale, examination tables, wheelchairs, gloves,  goggles, gowns, N-95 masks, dental supplies and instruments, dressing  supplies, syringes, respiratory and nebulizer supplies, diapers, endoscopy  supplies, feotal monitor and supplies, monitors, crutches, office chairs, a  small refrigerator and other items.  

The items were officially handed over on March 20, 2023 on the grounds  of the hospital and will be distributed to the BRH, the Santa Cruz Health  Centre and the Black River Health Centre in St. Elizabeth.  

A team from the Black River Hospital is pictured here with some of the items, including a laparoscopic tower from Project C.U.R.E. Pictured are: (left to right) Junior Resident Dr. Richard Johnson, Consultant Paediatrician Dr Aggrey Sajabi, Senior Medical Officer Dr. Sheriff Imoru and Director of Nursing Services Maria Stampp.

The allocation of the donations was coordinated by Dr. Conway Gordon,  who, as a locum medical student from China, completed a year  observing at the BRH some time ago and had promised to give back to  the hospital.  

“While at the Black River Hospital, I realized how the staff did so much with  little resources and with great passion. This passion was not only evident in  how they care for the patients that they serve but for the people of the  community as well as the students who observed there. It inspired me  both professionally and personally and drove me to find a way give back  to the hospital. So, I reached out to my friend Javion Blake, an entrepreneur and innovator who I know has a penchant for philanthropy.  He made some contacts and that is how Project C.U.R.E was able to  respond so promptly to collaborate with us and make the donation, which we are really grateful for” Dr. Gordon said. 

“The aim is to use this as a pilot project to try and launch even bigger  donation innovations across the island. If not by Javion and myself then  by others who can be inspired by what we are trying to do. We need  more efforts like this and I am happy that I was able to assist in giving  back to the hospital and the people of St. Elizabeth in this way” Dr.  Gordon added. 

Consultant Paediatrician for the BRH, Dr Aggrey Sajabi who was on hand  to accept the donation expressed gratitude to Project C.U.R.E. for  contributing in such a meaningful way. 

He explained that a team of physicians, electricians and medical  technologists from Project C.U.R.E assessed the facilities which will receive  the items and matched the types of equipment needed with the  equipment that they had.  

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