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Ce’Cile’s New Single “Let’s Work It Out” Now Available On All Streaming Platforms

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Manchester recording artist Ce’Cile – who became a household name after collaborating with Sean Paul on his Grammy-winning album Dutty Rock – is back with a new single! Although she is widely regarded as a dancehall act, Ce’Cile‘s reggae songs are equally captivating. This can be credited to her rich musical history, which includes working as a backing vocalists for several bands and writing and producing songs with reggae performers like Jah Mason, Chrisinti and others.

Having said that, the new release is a powerful reggae track titled Let’s Work It Out. On it Ce’Cile reminds us that we are no better or worse than anyone else, and advises us to value and treat others the way we would like to be treated.

The rhythm for Let’s Work It Out was created by Josh Harris, who in addition to being the executive producer also played both bass and keyboards. Legendary drummer Carlton “Santa” Davis did the drums,  while Jallanzo played the guitar. It was mixed by Tommi Tikkenen and mastered by Earle Holder; with backing vocals by Torch, who is also a recording artist in his own right.

Let’s Work It Out is a melodious, rhythmic, strong song. It is now available on all streaming platforms, courtesy of Big Feet Records.


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