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Frass Khalifa Is Ready!

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In recent years, Jamaica has seen a surge in new, independent reggae-dancehall artists not affiliated with any established camps. In an industry that is slow in welcoming emerging talents this news must be celebrated, as in the past these artists would have to rely on other already known singers and deejays to ‘give them a buss’. However – and this is unfortunate – quite a few of the new artists seem more intent on becoming famous as oppose to making good, quality music. And this is what sets Frass Khalifa a part!

Khalifa is a versatile dancehall artist and songwriter, who hails from Falmouth – Clark’s Town – in Trelawny, Jamaica. Although he has been making euphonious music for some time, it was approximately two years ago that his name really began to circulate in dancehall communities. Frass Khalifa now believes that 2023 will be his breakout year.

With that said, he kicked off this 12-month cycle by dropping a tuff dancehall track titled Rich Now. The song is on the trending Things & Time Riddim, which was produced by Pandemic Records. On the rhythm Frass Khalifa talks about the sense of urgency he has for achieving real success forthwith.

When asked what he would like listeners to take away from the song, he said: “Just want the listeners to understand that the time is now, no one knows what tomorrow brings so do it now. Don’t get discouraged by others, believe in yourself and get “Rich now mek Elon fret”.”  He went on to say: “Well so far I’ve been getting a great feedback. They love the message and most of all a specific line… “Hafi rich now mek Elon fret”. They’re using that line very often. So now they’re waiting for the video.”


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