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IMCA Jamaica adds new brand to equipment line-up

Published:Sunday 12:29 AM

IMCA Jamaica, the local exclusive distributor for construction and mining equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, has added a new brand to its line-up known as SEM.

The SEM equipment is designed by brand-owner Caterpillar, but made in China, using Chinese components.

It was developed to meet customers’ needs in Asian markets, but IMCA sees scope for its regional sales.

“We’re targeting the small contractor, persons who are venturing into construction, and those who are establishing partnerships with other seasoned players to build. These units are a cost-effective, no-frills addition to what we offer at IMCA Jamaica, and our customers now have a full line-up,” said Country Director of IMCA Jamaica, Jose Sasso.

The company showcased the SEM 10/512 soil compactor and an SEM 660D wheeler loader to construction industry representatives on Thursday, using the bowling greens at the Caymanas Golf and Country Club as a staging area.

A six-tonne SEM truck entered the market from January, ahead of a planned Caribbean-wide rollout.

The SEM line of equipment will come to the Jamaican market at about 40-50 per cent cheaper than comparable Caterpillar equipment, said IMCA Jamaica Manager of the Machines & Power Systems Department, Lebert Frankson.

The wheel loader on display, according to Sasso, will sell for about US$100,000.

More equipment in the SEM line are expected to enter Jamaica, which will target the agriculture, mining, and transportation and roadworks sectors.

IMCA is a Dominican Republican-owned company, which entered Jamaica in 2008. It claims to have a 25-30 per cent share of the industrial equipment market.

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