Villa Elia sits still on a cliff by the ocean, weighing down the hands of a clock. This is the home’s most cherished characteristic – each space and piece of furniture finds its right place, creating an atmosphere that embraces relaxation and rejects the necessity of time.

Push open the doors and you’re met with a calm, cool darkness that is spread throughout each room, where a large open living area with panoramic views demonstrates the intimidating power and raw perfection of nature. It is an endless private moment with oneself, a place in which to recharge your spirit.

Relaxation for the sake of just that — no goals and no pressure, absolute freedom in a minimal environment that allows for you to shape your stay any way you want.

The idea behind Villa Elia was to build an oasis where we can eat healthy food, enjoy nature and totally unwind. The Villa offers a panoramic view of Treasure Beach. Guests are pampered from head-to-toe treatment with our in-house chefs and housekeepers. The villa is designed using Artemano pieces that were imported from Thailand, Indonesia and India.

Villa Elia was dreamt with the goal of creating a complete escape. The villa is perched on a cliff overlooking Treasure Beach with uninterrupted views of Jamaica’s rugged south coast. Inspired by nature, we built a villa that has the ingredients cliff-top that help us reflect, contemplate and unwind in a refuge of inspiration. We welcome you with authentic Jamaican hospitality while mesmerizing you at every turn.


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