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Jaygo Drops New Lover’s Rock Single Called I Want You

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Newly minted recording talent Jaygo has used his Caribbean flavour and love for Jamaican music to inspire his new single called ‘I Want You’.

The Antiguan-bred talent, who has spent more than four years in Jamaica finishing his tertiary education, is currently enrolled at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston. Jaygo is utilizing the prime opportunity of being in the birthplace of reggae and dancehall to inspire himself and to create new material.

Jaygo’s I Want You is his first venture into the Reggae Lovers Rock genre, and he already believes it is a quality production with a distinctive sound.

“This song was inspired by the vibes of Jamaican culture. You really have to be here to experience the essence of the culture flowing through the music.” Jaygo explained.

I Want You also samples from Haitian born Wyclef Jean’s hit “Two Wrongs” released in 2002, an easy choice for Jaygo who considers the track a Caribbean-inspired lover’s rock fusion – the same vibe he was looking to recreate.

‘I Want You’ is authentically reggae and was composed and recorded with live instruments and produced by Jamaican labels I & I Records and Block 17 Productions.

“The live instrumentation makes the vibe so much more intense, and the lyrical content connects with the masses on a personal level. Most of us can relate to falling in love and experiencing heartbreak.” Jaygo added.

An official music video for I Want You single is also underway.

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