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Reggae Artist Answele Showcases His Versatility With New Single “Ravin” Out Today

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Jamaican reggae sensation Answele is all set to release his highly anticipated new single titled “Ravin” on Friday, July 7th. The track captures the essence of fun, clubbing, and partying, providing a momentary escape from everyday worries and allowing listeners to just let loose and enjoy themselves.

Known for his diverse musical ability, Answele has garnered a loyal fan base through his previous releases and collaborations with Damian Marley and Grammy-winning reggae artist Kabaka Pyramid “Life is Everything”. With “Ravin,” Answele once again showcases his versatility as an artist, tapping into a more lighthearted and youthful side. This infectious single is bound to resonate with his younger demographic audience, while still impressing his existing fan base.

“Ravin” was produced by the talented 2-time Grammy winner, Sean ‘Young Pow’ Diedrick. Diedrick’s expertise and creative touch shine through in this captivating track, perfectly complementing Answele’s smooth vocals and energetic delivery. The lyrics of the song, written by Answele himself, transport listeners to a vibrant and carefree party atmosphere.

The single will be released under the prestigious ONErpm label, further solidifying Answele’s presence in the reggae music scene. With their support, Answele aims to reach a broader audience, both locally and internationally, spreading his positive vibes and love for music.

“I am thrilled to be sharing ‘Ravin’ with the world,” Answele expressed. “This song represents a side of me that many may not have seen before. I hope it brings joy and upliftment to everyone who listens to it.”

Fans can look forward to experiencing the infectious energy of “Ravin” across various streaming platforms and digital stores starting Friday, July 7th. As Answele continues to make his mark in the reggae music landscape, “Ravin” will be another solid single added to his growing catalogue of songs.

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