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Renigad Debuts On UK Top 10 With “Survivor” Single

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Dancehall hit maker ReniGAD, formerly of chart topping dancehall duo RDX, is seeing additional solo success with a new single produced by Urban Gurillaz and Eastern Entertainment. The single Survivor acts as an unorthodox motivational track for anyone who faces challenges and manages to rise above it. For ReniGAD the motivation came from a real and personal place.

“Experience is what bring this song about, the hardship me and my friends them face and still rise above as real G’s. For me personally leaving a legendary group and chopping out my solo path wasn’t simple or easy; It took strength, focus and nuff drive, And me still survive that, ” ReniGAD shared

The artiste believes the relatability of the content of the song has contributed to its success thus far. The Survivor track has been climbing charts overseas and debuted in the Top 10 on the iTunes UK Reggae Charts. ReniGAD sees this as a testament to the influence of the track.

“Survivor is a most relatable song to the whole world and that’s why it’s getting such good feedback, the Pandemic slow dung everything for two year and we still deyah… everyone still alive around the world is a Survivor if u pree it real way. Everybody who buck up difficulties and beat it is a survivor, the people who crumble under pressure cover your ears!” ReniGAD added

The music video for the Survivor single in due to go live early November.

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