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Bartley’s All In Wood Are Forest Heroes

Bartley’s All in Wood (BAIW) Ltd has been awarded the Forestry Business Leader Award at the Forestry Department’s Forest Heroes Awards 2022 held at the Terra Nova Hotel on December 9, 2022.

Bartley’s has been cited for sustainable business growth, tree planting, community leadership, and environmental conservation. The team at Bartley’s is humbled by the award as sees it as a charge to do more for the environment which includes launching more lines to using upcycled materials from the furniture and wood products production.

Commendations are on order for the Forestry Department for leading the National Tree planting initiative. The Department makes the relationship easy and we at Bartley’s have had tremendous support for our tree-planting projects. They are being socially responsible easy. The Jamaica Deaf Village has also been a partner allowing us to plant trees in their arboretum the campus where the workshop is located. Bartley’s remains committed to environmental protection, sustainable business practices and its partnership with The Forestry Department and Jamaica at large.

About us:

Bartley’s designs, manufactures and sells quality 100% Jamaican handcrafted wooden corporate gifts,  jewellery, souvenirs, hotel amenities, promotional items and furniture from real Jamaican wood. We work with various wood types including Cedar, Guango, Mahogany, Blue Mahoe, Poplar, and Pine, among others. Each piece includes the artwork of gifted Jamaica craftsmen, designed to suit the taste and budget of both the tourist and local market.

The management team consists of Lacey-Ann Bartley, owner and Giovanni Haynes, Operations Co-ordinator, Niesha Smikle; HR Officer and Stanford Bartley, a skilled craftsman with thirty years of experience. Ms Bartley has a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management, and a Masters in Government is Branson Centre Entrepreneur and has experience in planning and coordination.

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