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Caribbean Tourism Authority – Alicia Edwards Applauds CTO Event, Highlights Tobago’s Distinctive Charm At Caribbean Week In New York

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Making her debut at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Caribbean Week in New York, Alicia Edwards, Executive Chairman of the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd., praised the inter-governmental organization for its pivotal role as a unifying force within the region.

Describing the tourism marketing conference as informative, Edwards found the week to be an outstanding platform for engaging with fellow Caribbean tourism representatives and journalists at the well-attended Media Marketplace.

“It was beautiful to meet journalists from this part of the United States, really eager to find out about the destination (and) talk about ways that they could partner,” Edwards remarked. “Apart from the work, there was a special energy of Caribbean people coming into the room. Tobago is keen to continue playing its part in ensuring that it’s part of the collective body because together we are stronger than being separate.”

Edwards underscored the importance of unity among Caribbean countries and territories for the continued growth and development of the region’s rebounding tourism industry. “I think the support from all the member countries has been tremendous for this event. The important thing is for us to continue putting actions and support behind the things we want to grow, and they will grow if we do that,” she stated.

She also highlighted Tobago’s unique appeal as an unspoiled destination, emphasizing its focus on sustainability. The island prides itself on catering to discerning travelers seeking to unplug and immerse in pristine natural surroundings, while maintaining a balance between environmental responsibility and its tourism business.

In addition to breathtaking landscapes, Tobago offers a vibrant events calendar and rich cultural heritage which provide visitors with unique experiences such as the Tobago Jazz Festival, the Heritage Festival, the Blue Food Festival, and the newly launched Tobago Carnival, which returns for its second edition at the end of October.

Edwards spotlighted several Tobagonian luminaries, including musical icons Calypso Rose, The Mighty Shadow, Shurwayne Winchester, and Princess Adana; Hollywood actor Winston Duke of Black Panther fame; and former Prime Minister and President, ANR Robinson. She also emphasized the immense pride and resilience of Tobagonians, sentiments she wishes to share with the world.

Looking forward, Edwards unveiled promising plans for Tobago’s tourism sector in 2023 and beyond, including a strategic focus on increasing tourist arrivals, deepening relationships with market partners, developing new products, and implementing targeted strategies to tap into niche markets like dive and romance tourism.

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