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Dancehall Star Jahvillani Sets the 2023 Narrative with Warrior

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Dancehall star Jahvillani begins 2023 with the release of his powerful new song “Warrior.”  Setting the 2023 narrative, the Dancehall trendsetter empowers fans to fight for the accomplishment of their goals with determination and persistence.

Pictured: Jahvillani

Using the imagery of a female student writing her goals on paper while singing the lyrics ‘fight like a warrior,’ the combined image and lyrics succinctly detail the theme and energy that many are applying to the year 2023.

“Warrior” is produced by Tevin “YGF” Richards and features the vocals of rising vocalist Monifa Goss.  The music video is currently trending on YouTube.

Released January 1st, 2023, “Warrior” is available on all streaming platforms.

About Jahvillani:

Deciding to perform under the moniker “Jahvillani,” the name is a portmanteau; one that was deeply inspired by the artists views of society. ‘Jah,’ which means God in Rastafarianism, symbolizes the good in society and the good that is hopefully in everyone, while ‘villani’ is a creative twist on villain which speaks to the evil in society. Jahvillani is the Wile $ide Gad who makes positive vibes, but also comments on the negatives in society, through his music.”

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