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Debut Novel When Trees Fall Takes Readers on a Compelling Caribbean Family Saga

Fans of family sagas and historical fiction can now delve into the captivating world of When Trees Fall, Dale Mahfood’s debut novel, published in October 2022. This first book in his Wood and Water series promises readers a dramatic story of secrets, love, and betrayal surrounding a Jamaican Great House during the final year of World War II.

When Trees Fall follows the intertwined lives of Cailin, Archie, and Sharpe, two teenagers and an adult searching for a father’s approval in a tumultuous time of political and social upheaval. As they navigate their desires and relationships, their lives intersect with the secrets and scandals of Malcolm Campbell, whose past transgressions continue to haunt him and his family.

Mahfood masterfully weaves together the intricate plotlines of the characters, painting an authentic picture of life in Jamaica during a pivotal moment in history. His rich descriptions, nuanced characterizations, and use of both British English and the Jamaican language transport readers to the seaside fishing village, where the blue hues of the bay and the sound of crashing waves serve as a backdrop to the characters’ adventures and adversities.

When Trees Fall is available on most online booksellers in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. It’s the ideal read for those who appreciate well-crafted, relatable characters and an engaging narrative that will keep them hooked from beginning to end.


“An intriguing coming-of-age novel exploring the bittersweet tales of three Jamaican families.” —Lynda R. Edwards, author of Friendship Estate

“When Trees Fall successfully transports the reader into a dramatic pantomime, using Jamaican rural life, social class struggle, and racial identity as back drop themes. The author explores a Jamaica of yesteryear beginning in 1973, and seamlessly weaves together 46 chapters as he recounts the colourful and interconnected lives of three Jamaican families. Mahfood captures the importance of Jamaicans telling their own stories in this carefully crafted novel. The explanatory notes offered about Jamaican English, proverbs, and patois, as well as the historical and cultural sources cited, bolster the authenticity of the storytelling. A great read for all audiences, essential reading for Jamaicans.” —Dr. Natalie Corthésy, author of Fried Green Plantains (Nasara Publishing 2017) and Sky Juice (Ian Randle Publishing 2021)

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