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FBI Searches Former  US President Donald Trump’s Florida Home

Former US president Donald Trump said that his Mar-a-Lago home has been raided by the FBI.

According to Mr. Trump, they had even broken open a safe.

There is a lack of clarity around the situation, but this development is believed to be part of an investigation into Mr. Trump’s removal of official presidential records from the White House.

According to reports, neither the FBI nor the justice department is commenting, but the search at the former president’s home is historic or parallel, signifying a dramatic escalation in the investigations into the final stages of his presidency.

 It is further reported that the National Archive discovered in January that at the end of his presidency, that Mr. Trump allegedly took 15 boxes from the White House that contained government documents momentos, gifts and letters. The boxes included classified documents which are subject to the Presidential Records Act. It requires that all documents and records involving official business be turned over to the archives.

However, Mr. Trump is said to have returned the boxes to the National Archives, raising questions as to why the search is now taking place in Florida.

The former president was seen leaving Trump Tower in New York on Monday. He was not it Florida when federal agents searched his property.

Trump described his home as being under siege.

In a statement, he said that it is a prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponisation of the justice system and an attack by radical left Democrats who desperately don’t want him to run for president in 2024.

The White House says it was unaware of the search prior to Mr. Trump’s publicising it.



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