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Friends of Good Shepherd International, Inc. Fundraising Gala 2023

The President and Chief Executive Officer of Food for the Poor, Inc., Mr. Ed Raine, on Saturday night called on a wide cross-section of the Jamaican community in South Florida to join the organization in its efforts to address crime and violence on the island of Jamaica.

Guest Speaker, Ed Raine, President and CEO of Food for the Poor, Inc.

In an address to the Friends of Good Shepherd International (FOGS) Fundraising Gala 2023, Mr. Raine lamented the influence of gangs on the youths of the nation and appealed for intervention to curtail such practice. Mr. Raine urged the over 200 guests who packed the ballroom of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Sunrise, Florida, to assist in breaking the cycle of crimes by first addressing the social conditions that led to young people looking to the gangs as a way out of poverty.

Citation from Good Shepherd Foundation of Montego Bay to outgoing FOGS President, Marie Buteau.
L-R: Denny Chandiram, Marie Buteau, Most Rev. Charles Dufour, Bobby Chandiram, Elaine Kong, FOGS Secretary

Food for the Poor, he noted, was committed to reach as many youths as possible, through its literacy and skill training programs and by partnering with other charitable organizations, as the Good Shepherd Foundation of Montego Bay.

Meritorious Service Award presented to Marie Buteau.
L-R: FOGS President Andrew Foreman, VP: Gina Tulloch-Adams, Marie Buteau, Most Rev. Charles Dufour, FOGS Secretary Elaine Kong, FOGS Treasurer, Monty Kong

Noting that the Friends of Good Shepherd International, Inc. was established to support the work of the Montego Bay Charity, Mr. Raine lauded the Florida group for its contribution to education and healthcare in Jamaica and other regions of the Caribbean.

Humanitarian Award to Pishu Chandiram, posthumously.
L-R: Denny Chandiram, Bobby Chandiram, Elaine Kong (FOGS Secretary), Most Rev. Charles Dufour

Mr. Raine commended Archbishop Charles Dufour, founder of the Good Shepherd Foundation of Montego Bay for his vision and tenacity in spear heading several of the projects supported by the foundation. Food for the Poor, he said, was proud of its association with the Friends of Good Shepherd in Florida for the past twenty-seven years, and looked toward their continued partnership.  Mr. Raine reminded the audience that while a major focus of his organization was building houses for the poor and marginalized in over seventeen countries, it was keenly aware of the importance of also building lives in the process.

Major highlights of the gala included presentations of the Meritorious Service Award and the Humanitarian Award (posthumously), to immediate past President of Friends of Good Shepherd, Marie Buteau and former Vice Chair of the Good Shepherd Foundation of Montego Bay, Prishotamdas (“Pishu”) Chandiram Chatani, respectively.

In his address, the newly elected president of FOGS, Mr. Ivan Foreman, urged continued support for various projects on the island. He noted that the pandemic of three years ago severely impacted the organization’s fundraising ability but expressed confidence that the group will eventually surpass pre-pandemic fundraising level.

Patrons were treated to a night of great musical selections by Titanium Vibes and Wayne Armond, formerly of Chalice band. However, in a surprised appearance, Jamaican celebrated artiste, Bunny Rose, stole the show as he had the crowd calling for more as he ended his musical tribute to outgoing President, Marie Buteau.

Host and Co-host of the gala, Attorney-at-Law, Marlon Hill and Media Consultant, Sophia Nicholson, were at their best as they guided their guests through a night filled with surprises,  a silent auction, prizes and giveaways.

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