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Intence Celebrates Birthday With Milestones And New Releases “Ring” And “Correction”

Dancehall trendsetter Intence celebrated his birthday (October 3rd) with milestones and the release of new music with music video’s to match.  The artist’s reach on Spotify tops 1.8 million and his new newest single “Ring” earns 182K views in 1 day while “Correction” earns 876 K views in 2 weeks.

Pictured: Intence

Continuing to give fans the ultimate Dancehall experience, Intence’s multi-release approach of visual and audio has kept fans engaged with the artist, driving his streaming numbers and performance demand up.  About his continued success Intence says “fans like it and more to come!” 

In August, Intence scored with his new look and narrative approach for his music video and upcoming single “Anything Fi Mi.”  The video depicts a “Bonnie and Clyde” like couple living a fast life while staying true to their pledge of loyalty to each other. Intence provided the concept and collaborated with veteran video director Dameon Gayle and the Warriors Films outfit (Busy Signal “Stay So,” Vybz Kartel x Sikka Rhymes “I Can,” Fanton Mojah “Rasta Got Soul”) who brought the artists imaginative storyline to life. 

About Intence: 

Intence is the most streamed artist from Jamaica on YouTube.  His channel has received 198.8 Million views, and has a following of 544K.  On Spotify, the artist averages 146.8K listeners with 80.1K followers.  His single “Yahoo Boyz,” “New Gear” and “Clutcha” has been added to 3.68K Playlists; on Pandora, his music has been streamed 1.5 Million times.

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