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Jamaican-Owned Rum, Worthy Park Estate, Launches “Worthy Park Rum Stories” Campaign Featuring Jamaican Content Creators

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Jamaican-owned single-estate rum producer Worthy Park Estate is proud to announce the launch of their new campaign, “Worthy Park Rum Stories.” This campaign will feature the personal stories and experiences of Jamaican-born and raised talented content creators such as jazzy ‘rum shop blue’ reggae-inspired singer-songwriter Christina’ Zia’ Benjamin, Jermaine ‘Scottycuss’ Watson, and travel content creator- Christoff “Stoffin JA” Studnicka as they share their love for Worthy Park Estate’s portfolio of rums accompanied by our Jamaican culture. 

The campaign highlights Jamaica’s rich history and cultural heritage, as told by each content creator. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the island’s vibrant culture as told through the unique perspectives inspired by the island’s landscape, music, people, and the experiences unique to them. In addition, the visual storytelling aspect of the campaign adds an extra layer of depth and richness to those narratives, combining beautiful imagery with compelling storylines, making a truly immersive cultural virtual experience, accompanied by premium rum offerings of Worthy Park Select and its flagship brand- Rum Bar Jamaica. 

Westmoreland native, and travel content creator Christoff Studnicka (@stoffinja on IG) takes us on a visual journey across Jamaica capturing the numerous ‘worthy’ vistas and paradise that can be found in any corner of the island, and singer & songwriter Zia Benjamin, showcases her multicultural identity as a Jamaican woman, whilst creating a path for her genre of music mixed in with premium rum offering Worthy Park Select. Online storyteller & host- Jermaine Watson (@scottycuss) expresses how symbolic our rum is to our culture with Rum Bar Jamaica, and what it meant to him as he grew older. 

Each creator will receive Worthy Park merchandise representing the brand and a trip to experience the edutainment-filled Worthy Park Estate rum tour.Followers may view the campaign by following the hashtag #SelectRumStories, #WorthyParkRumStories, or following @rumbarjamaica & @worthyparkselect on Instagram. 

Q n A: 

Q: How did you relate the campaign to showcase who you are as a multi-racial Jamaican artiste, and the importance of creating your own path? 

A: “I describe my music as ‘RumShopBlues’ so when Worthy Park reached out I immediately understood the vision. As we discussed the creative direction, I realized that ‘My Rum Story’ would present a great opportunity to showcase my unique sound, while also celebrating my individuality as a multi-racial Jamaican woman, and speak to the importance of creating your own path. It’s extremely important to me to bring Jamaica wherever I go and I love collaborating with local Jamaican brands. I’m excited to be involved in this and share my story.”- Zia Benjamin (@ziabenjamain) 

Q: How important is showing or representing Jamaica through your content online? 

A: “For me, this was not just about promoting a brand that is 100 per cent Jamaican, but also showcasing the unparalleled beauty of my island home. As a proud Jamaican, it’s essential for me to highlight the breathtaking scenery, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that makes Jamaica such a unique destination. Through my content, I hope to inspire others to explore the wonders of Jamaica and experience the magic that can only be found here.”-Christoff Studnickaz (@stoffinja) 

Q:As a visual and verbal storyteller, what effect has our Jamaican culture had on shaping your creative eye in your content? 

A: “The Jamaican culture to me is one of the primary… “UMPH”’s so to speak of our unique product offering. The simple addition of our Jamaican flavor adds that special ‘razzle dazzle’ that takes my content to the next level – so Jamaican Culture is very important as one of the foundations of my style of content creation.”- Jermaine Scott-watson (@scottycuss) 

About Worthy Park Estate: 

The first record of rum production at Worthy Park was in 1741, predating any Jamaican distilleries still in operation, using one hundred percent copper pot still methods and locally sourced ingredients. As a result, their rums have received numerous accolades, including Gold in the White Overproof category and Super Premium category for Spirits Business Rum & Cachaça Masters 2023. 

For more information on Worthy Park Estate and its award-winning rums and tours, please visit their website at 

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