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JCDC Hosted One-Day National Brush-Up Culinary Arts Workshop

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The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission Culinary Arts hosted a One-day virtual National Brush-Up Workshop for Jamaican chefs, culinarians, and foodies on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, for participants and potential entrants who will be participating in the 2023 staging of the Competition.

The Best Dressed Chicken breast stuffed with callaloo, glazed with Swiss Honey Barbeque sauce and mashed potatoes.

The virtual workshop was done in the form of a tutorial where industry experts chef Christopher Brown and Denise Cargill demonstrated how participants can improve their skills and be better equipped to compete at the regional competitions scheduled for May. 

Crostini made with minced chicken breast served on the top of Excelsior Water Crackers.

The workshop targeted representatives from various culinary institutions, community groups, teachers and students. It also focused on foodies of varied ages who wish to explore their culinary passion. The Culinary Arts One-Day National Virtual Brush-Up Workshop was sponsored by Best Dressed Chicken, Swiss, Excelsior, Coconut Industry Board, and Miss Dawn’s Jamaican Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil.  

Jane Jerry, Culinary Arts Specialist at the JCDC, explained that the Brush-Up workshop focused on the areas that were not discussed during the face-to-face workshop. The workshop looked at the mystery basket to see how the entrants may utilize the items provided in a time-appropriate manner. The workshop covered zero waste and full utilization of items in preparing unique dishes.

“This year is JCDC 60th anniversary and, we would like to see how the participants can come up with creative ideas as the Commission celebrates this milestone,” said Jerry.

Jerry further stated that the mystery basket contains sponsors’ products participants must think outside the box and on the spot to come up with dishes without prior knowledge of the products. She also stated that the participants will be guided by the judge’s instructions based on deliberation on the items in the mystery basket. 

Persons interested in entering the JCDC’s Culinary Arts competition are encouraged to contact their nearest JCDC Parish Office and visit the JCDC’s website  for the Culinary Arts handbook and additional guidance on the 2023 entry process. Information will also be posted on JCDC’s social media pages.

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