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Kingston Creative Inks New Partnership With EduFocal

CEO of EduFocal Limited, Gordon Swaby, visited the Kingston Creative Hub in Downtown Kingston on Friday, September 30, 2022, to sign a commitment letter confirming their 5 year partnership with Kingston Creative.  EduFocal is a publicly listed company on the Jamaica Stock Exchange that provides educational technology solutions in business to consumer space (B2C) and business to business (B2B) sectors and is Jamaica’s leading online preparation for PEP examinations.

EduFocal’s multi-year partnership is a part of Kingston Creative’s First 50 Founder initiative, whereby Kingston Creative seeks the support of 50 entities to invest for social and economic impact, transform Downtown Kingston and grow the creative economy. EduFocal was pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Caribbean Creative Network []; a searchable, online database of regional practitioners in the Cultural and Creative Industries.

As a longtime supporter of the Kingston Creative movement, Gordon Swaby was happy for the opportunity to pledge more hands-on support.  “As one of the founders of EduFocal I am personally interested in Jamaica and Kingston’s renaissance,” said the EduFocal CEO. “We actually reached out to Kingston Creative, as doing good is a part of EduFocal’s DNA. I was so excited to have an opportunity to be a part of this important movement, not only for creatives but for the economy, for Downtown Kingston and Jamaica as a whole.” 

“EduFocal is a company of creatives. From Graphic Designers, UI/UX designers, Developers and so many others, we depend heavily on the Creative Community to grow and thrive. Supporting Kingston Creative, and by extension, a regional network of creative entrepreneurs and artists, was an easy decision.”, Swaby continued. 

EduFocal has committed to a recurring donation of $1,000,000 JMD in cash annually for the next five years and has expressed the desire to support Kingston Creative with in-kind support and advocacy.  “Downtown is a special place. The role that the murals have played in igniting a conversation around  Downtown Kingston is important, but that’s not the only aspect of the renaissance that is happening – creatives and corporations have a bigger role to play.  In terms of EduFocal’s involvement, as the CEO I am personally invested in Kingston’s renaissance and I’m happy to see the pieces coming together.   The Caribbean Creative Network is such an amazing initiative from Kingston Creative. It’s a central hub for employers to find talent and for talent to put themselves out there.  EduFocal is proud to support it and we’re looking forward to pushing to higher heights for it to be the “go to” place for talent to be found and for employers to find the best of the best. We want all Jamaicans to live well and enjoy a prosperous Jamaica and we think the work that Kingston Creative is doing is extremely important.”

Cofounder and Executive Director of Kingston Creative, Andrea Dempster Chung commented, “We are so happy that EduFocal is one of the First 50 companies coming on board to invest in transforming Downtown and improving the lives of creative people.  We appreciate their tangible support and encourage other corporations to come on board.”

The Caribbean Creative network currently has over 500 creatives in its database, across several disciplines (artists, graphic designers, filmmakers, writers, dancers, artisans, content creators). To learn more about the Caribbean Creative Network, post a job or to hire local talent, visit: 

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