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Macka Diamond Counteracts Valiant’s Dunce Cheque

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Known for killer freestyles and avid counteractions from the inception of her career as Lady Mackerel, Dancehall DJ Macka Diamond is back with another refix that has already started trending on Social media.

The song, Sex Budget, is the female money counteraction to Valiant’s trending Dunce Cheque single. Recorded over a week ago, Macka tested the crowd at her performance at Mavado’s Birthday Party at Amazura in New York over the weekend to resounding cheers and applause.

“The people like the refix and I’m happy about that. From I posted a teaser on social media it went viral so I knew I had to finish it and send it out cause the fans asked me to.” Macka explained

The Sex Budget refix focusses more on money and Macka’s endorsement of relationships with men who will spend on her.

“Mean men were never my type so that’s the first thing that I thought of when I heard Valiant’s song. I usually counteract hit songs that I like and when I heard Dunce Cheque I liked it immediately,” Macka added

The artiste was also happy to spend time with one of her favorite young acts Alkaline at Mavado’s Birthday party, the self-titled Vendetta Queen had not seen Alkaline since her show stopping performance at his New Rules event over the simmer in Jamaica.

“I will always have love and respect for him as an artiste and a person and he has always shown me nothing but positive vibes, it was great linking with him in New York and I’m sure there will be more of that energy in 2023,” Macka concluded

In the last few weeks Macka has been keeping busy with new music and video releases for singles: Bounce, Dream Body and Katchie her collaboration with Razot B. Already Katchie has been trending well and racking up views.

Macka Diamond’s Birthday tour will commence on January 7 with stops in Montreal Canada, Long Island, Poughkeepsie, and Rochester New York, North Carolina, 3 islands in Bahamas and Toronto Canada next month.



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