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Meet A Child Where They Are, And Empower Them To Be The Best They Can Be

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Trisha Carara, Author and Creative Director of Elijah’s Prints (JA) offer personal development tools to families, schools, community development, private and public sector for mentorship, empowering our Youths and violence prevention. 

I am Trisha Carara and have been passionately involved with Youth Development for over 20 years. My passion has taken me on a most unexpected journey… that of becoming an author and content creator for books and animated videos geared at Youth Empowerment. The books and videos were founded on one of my personal vision statements, “Meet a child where they are, and take them to where they can be (who they can be). 

Mentorship is meant to facilitate the personal and professional growth of the mentee, helping them to build skills, gain insights, increase confidence, motivation, and self-awareness, and can offer mentees exposure to new perspectives and ideas. Mentorship resources also cover career development. Ultimately, mentorship can have a profound and lasting impact on the mentee by helping them to reach their full potential. Mentorship and self expression can serve to prevent and curve violence. However, there is a lack of mentors to meet the needs and demands of the vast number of mentees. 

Unfortunately, children who are not self-aware do not reach their full potential due to a lack of meaningful conversations, exposure and developing of life skills. Lack of self-understanding and love of self can fuel insecurities and violence. 

Mentorship is necessary for the betterment of all youths, especially those at-risk. Due to the lack of mentors, Trisha has created a range of digital (video) and print (books) resources designed to engage Early Childhood to young adults. Kindly view print resources by clicking this link The digital resources are available on Keep Encouraging Yourself YouTube Channel, click link to view 

The Personal Development Line will allow a single mentor to engage one mentee or a group. We do not have enough mentors to meet the needs of mentees and her resources help to bridge the gap. Mentorship is intended to plant seeds of hope in the lives of the mentees. Kindly see the video by clicking the link for further information

Both print and digital resources facilitate transformation, provide insight for both children and caregivers and are innovative. These resources can impact all age groups from all walks of life. The assets, allows for leaders to be hands on and promotes community involvement as it encourages collaboration. 

Be encouraged to plant a seed of hope in the life of one child by engaging any format of the mentorship material.

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