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Parents Watched as Child Melted into Couch

Just this year, on January 3rd, 2022, 36-year-old Lacey Fletcher was found naked and deceased on her parents’ couch in the ironically named town of Slaughter, Louisiana.

Lacey was autistic and for her entire life suffered from extreme social anxiety, Asperger’s, and other mental issues. She attended BrownField Baptist Academy up until the 9th grade and then she was transitioned into homeschooling.
There is often much discourse throughout society about family being non-dependable, backstabbing, and selfish, but the following information represents an exaggerated form of selfishness. Though Lacey’s parents, Sheila and Clay Fletcher were her legal caretakers, they literally watched as their daughter was dying. By dying, I don’t mean they watched as she peacefully took her last breath, or she was bedridden in the hospital with the sweet release of death being her only escape; they watched a gruesome death as she literally melted and rotten into her couch for years as she slowly and painfully passed away.
She was only 96 pounds when she was found, and when she was discovered, she was covered in faeces, urine and maggots and insect bites. To supplement the fact that she was wickedly neglected, her hair was knotted, matted, and filled with maggots. Her body and face was covered with fecal matter.
Underneath her clothes, her bottom had ulcers and bacterial infection from all the urine and faeces that was left there building up for years and years as she slowly and with life withered away.
The couch eventually had no choice but to melt away along with her skin which then created a hole in the couch.
Lacey Fletcher’s cause of death was reported as being from at least a decade of severe medical neglect which led to chronic malnutrition, acute starvation, immobility, acute ulcer formation and osteomyelitis, which led to sepsis. She was also Covid-positive when found.
The description seems disturbing, but does not compare to the actual images of the scene, yet alone the actual crime scene itself. An investigator mentioned that the crime scene was so disturbing that he was unable to eat, and he cried for a whole week.
Sheila and Clay Fletcher insisted that Lacy chose to never leave the couch, and both pleaded not guilty for murder.
They were arrested on Monday, May 2nd, 2022.
They have been indicted on second degree murder charges and may get life inprison with no parole if they are convicted.



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