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Pulse projects $6b valuation for Villa Ronai

The real estate assets held by hospitality and modelling company Pulse Investments Limited are slated to grow by one-third with the ongoing additions to its Villa Ronai development.

“The high end of the Villa Ronai valuation could be in excess of $6 billion on completion. However, in two years plus, one cannot say for certain what costs and values will be,” Executive Chairman Kingsley Cooper said to Financial Gleaner.

The Villa Ronai development would account for the bulk of the company’s total assets, which equated to $9 billion as of June.

The development is being done in two phases, ending in 2024 and 2026.

Pulse operates a modelling agency, but also holds income-generating properties in St Andrew, at Villa Ronai, and New Kingston, at Trafalgar Road.

The Villa Ronai property has a market value of $4.3 billion and Trafalgar Road $3 billion, according to the most recent revaluations in August 2021 and July 2021, respectively, by TACS Property Appraisals Company Limited.

The valuator expects the Villa Ronai property to grow eight per cent in value annually.

Pulse Homes, an ongoing residential real estate development at Villa Ronai, remains a key project for the company that will, in two years, deliver 30 homes in equal blocks of 15 in two phases, and also incorporates a club house. Pulse spent $255 million on the construction of the homes during its financial year ending June.

Pulse expects to sell the residential units at 25 to 35 per cent above cost, said Cooper. The more meaningful return will “probably come from the units we keep, as they will provide rental income, and capital appreciation,” he added. The number of units to remain within Pulse’s fold was not disclosed.

Villa Ronai is a nine-acre property where Pulse already provides hospitality services.

“This $6-billion estimate is on completion of the 30 units (two- and three-bedrooms homes) now under construction in the valley. At this time, Villa Ronai consists of 70 recently completed units, all either new or completely redone to current standards. They include one and two-bedroom apartments, studios, suites, lounges, restaurants, event spaces and a range of amenities – pool, ponds, gardens and so on. The value of the existing facilities are in the multibillion range, well in excess of $1 billion,” Cooper said.

Pulse earned annual profit of $1.8 billion on revenue of $930.6 million, compared to $1.5 billion from $807 million in revenue for FY2021. The revaluation of its property during the year, which is booked as non-core income, resulted in Pulse’s profit surpassing revenue.

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