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Rum-Bar Raises The Bar In Portland For Vibes Fest

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Witness the grand Portland clock tower, standing tall in the town square, as the yellow, black, and green emblem of the Rum-Bar Jamaica marquee marks the beginning of Rum-Bar’s Vibes Fest, the island-wide concert series that touched down in Port Antonio last Friday, June 23rd.

As the clock strikes midnight, the crowd erupts as Shane O takes the stage. With a white tee draped over his face, the crowd goes wild as he sings the 2022 hit Dark Room.

Christopher Williams, known as Bigga 5, Portland’s beloved DJ, towers over the crowd with his larger-than-life persona, yet always maintaining the perfect vibe. His electrifying presence ignites a sensation in the community, summoning the signature Rum-Bar dancers dressed in curve-hugging branded costumes and the 6ix Boss, his very own vibes-master, to the stage to move to the latest beats and warm up the crowd for the next act.

Enter entertainer and social media personality Keticia ‘TC’ Chatman, dressed in black tights, a sexy corset top, and an army camp jacket, commands the stage with her raspy voice and voluptuous figure. Initially, the crowd is shy, but throngs fill the square, captivated by TC’s mesmerizing presence. And, of course, no TC appearance is complete without dancing. Swedish vacationers Maria Beznja and Anna Nordström cause a commotion as they join the stage and move to the latest Drift dance alongside TC.

The anticipation builds as 2000 strong fill the square, eagerly awaiting the rest of the lineup.

Kash Promise Move spills the tea on his Portland debut, fresh off his first-ever plane ride to the Bahamas. The crowd in Port Antonio was left shaken as he brought the heat with his electrifying performance of Bandulu, leaving everyone craving more. And now, the world waits with bated breath as he reveals his next move – a concert in the USA.

But wait, the anticipation doesn’t stop there. As the clock strikes midnight, the crowd erupts as Shane O takes the stage. With a white tee draped over his face, he starts singing acapella as he slowly walks onto the stage, leaving the audience in anticipation. Everyone in attendance witnesses his iconic performance of 7 Jacket, pulling out their phones to capture the moment for eternity. And when he drops his 2018 hit Partner Draw the 2022 Dark Room. Rum-Bar has raised the bar for this concert series as one patron described it ” was truly a moment that will go down in history.”

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