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Skills For the Future Now Being Introduced in Trinidad and Tobago

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The world is quickly changing. An increased dependence on technology, added to plans to ramp up Artificial Intelligence, places human beings at a crossroads on their career paths. Fortunately, Winbridge EduHub is offering a solution to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Cornelius Chester – Director Winbridge EduHub

Because there remains a disparity between traditional resources and the needs of the future, Winbridge is committed to transforming the skillsets of those entering the competitive and evolving international workforce.  

With climate change becoming a major concern around the world, specialization in areas such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC-R) is necessary. As a result, Winbridge EduHub is addressing this by offering the DCS: HVAC-R Awareness Program, targeting males and females aged 16 to 45. 

The accredited course, which starts on August 14th and ends on August 30th, is designed to equip participants with the foundational basics of HVAC-R. Those interested will learn essential course areas such as safety protocols, refrigeration, electricity, and industry tools, via a hybrid learning system that offers online and in-person classes. Moreover, the course is easily accessible to the general public as no prior knowledge of the field, or CXC passes are required to enroll. 

A fee of TTD$2,250 accompanies the 10-day course, and each participant will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion – awarded by Direct Cool Solutions LLC and HVAC EDU.NET. “This is a great introductory course
for young men and women who are just leaving Secondary School and are
seeking a job of the future–a skill that can withstand the changing tide we’re
currently facing,” said a team member at Winbridge. What’s better is that After this initial awareness program, participants will be able go on to the DCS: HVAC-R Full Certificate Course and once completed, move on to the HVAC-R Complete Multi-Certification Course.

Further details on the DCS: HVAC-R Awareness Program are available
at Persons can also call 868-235-6151 to gain further insight and sign up as desired. 

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