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Starlink getting thumbs up from early users

More than a thousand persons have so far signed up for Starlink’s satellite-based internet serve, following the green light for its operation in Jamaica in October.

The company has no known store presence in Jamaica.

Subscriptions are done online, and the equipment, for which there is a one-time charge of $60,500, is delivered by courier. Users also pay a monthly fee of $8,000.

“Yes, DHL does the logistics for Starlink,” said a DHL Jamaica source, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as not to breach company policy. “Anywhere in the world that needs the service we deliver it to the customer, and the upfront payment covers equipment, shipping and handling, and all local and international taxes,” the source said.

The person said that since late October, when Starlink Jamaica secured its telecoms licence, well over 1,200 Starlink sets had been ordered in the six-week span.

“Of that amount, about 600 sets have been delivered and the rest are at various stages of going through the system, with the Christmas rush through Customs being the hardest. But, definitely, Santa has delivered.”

The Starlink kit comes with a rectangular ‘dish’, which is fitted to a stand and placed outside where there is no obstruction. A length of coaxial cable is also supplied to transmit the satellite signal to a router, which in turn delivers the wireless signal to devices.

The Financial Gleaner reached out to three customers, whose reactions were mainly positive.

Subscriber @24.windsor raves about fast speeds of as much as 250mbps at his off-grid mountain location.

Used car dealer Andrew ordered his system nearly two weeks ago. He’s tracked it to Jamaica, and it is with DHL but going through customs clearance. His reaction is a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

“I’m really glad to be getting the system. It got here in a few days after I ordered and it’s been at Customs from the 15th of December … that is the part that’s making me anxious. I want to open my box for Christmas,” he said.

IT expert Don has had his dish for about three weeks. His only drawback was having to order a cable that was double the 75-foot cable he got with his order, since the light post on which he wants to mount it is 150 feet away. But having run the cable, he said everything has been been smooth sailing.

Starlink offers customer support through its website. There is no local support with a physical presence in Jamaica.

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