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Darrio Is In The Mood For Love

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Jamaican recording artiste Darrio Johnson is excited to release his new Lovers Rock EP entitled Reggae With Love. The five (5) track project is the artiste’s second EP since he became a full blown dancehall voice in 2010. Reggae With Love is considered mainly a compilation of unreleased lover’s rock records from his vast catalogue over the years that fit the theme of the project. The artiste, who considers himself an all-rounder, was inspired to create the EP after he recorded the poignant track ‘My Girl’.

Reggae Music is love, everything about reggae just feels good it’s more a lifestyle than a genre and I’m connected to that lifestyle. After I recorded My Girl it came to me to do a project dedicated to lovers because we need more of that in music, especially Jamaican music. I also wanted to express my own love for reggae music as a body of work,” Darrio explained

Carving his own niche in the music landscape, Darrio has been delving more into the reggae sound with live band performances with his Fyah Force band, an arm of his Fyah Force Entertainment Label who as executive producers for the Reggae With Love EP. He however doesn’t want to be boxed in as a specific reggae or dancehall artiste as he dabbles in any aspect of the art form depending on the inspiration.

For Reggae With Love Darrio tapped into mostly live instruments with a mix of producers that understood the assignment, including; Jerone Battick, Kalonji D’aguillar, Joshu Samuels, Shane Green, Luewin Thomas and Kenroy Mullings. Darrio hopes fans will appreciate the project for what it is, a well-produced, clean lovers rock project that focusses on a theme that most can relate to – LOVE.

A lot of work went into this project so I have to definitely thank my whole team, we wanted a project with soul and I think we delivered so now it’s the fans to listen for themselves with an interest in appreciating good music,” Darrio added

Darrio is looking forward to promoting his project internationally starting with the Reggae With Love Europe tour this spring with possible dates in Africa this summer.



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